Business Ownership Advisory

Business Ownership Advisory


The proper corporate structure should be an integral part of forming a new business. The right corporate structure will allow the owners to operate their business according to their plan. Proper corporate structure will also allow owners to enjoy and to preserve the results from their business operations.

For various reasons, business owners require advisory services regarding their ownership in their existing and ongoing businesses. These reasons may range from: passing ownership to second generation, extending ownership to key executives, mergers and acquisitions, employees stock ownership plan (ESOP), outside minority investors, and other exit strategies. Alaco Consulting has provided timely and valuable advisory services to business owners who are contemplating these transactions. Together with business owners, we will define the objectives for the changes in ownership structure, and the final structure to be achieved.

In most cases, the following services will be required:

  • Business succession planning and exit strategies
  • Mergers and acquisitions, including feasibility studies, analysis for optimal approach, transactional financing, and documentations,
  • Tax planning for contemplated transactions
  • Estate and trust planning
  • Reporting to tax and regulatory agencies